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ACTS classes are great for you if:

  •  You own or know someone who owns a horse that would like to get into the show ring.
  •  You have/are a 1st or 2nd year rider/show-er who would love to show at a ‘big’ show.
  •  You want a casual and fun way to be introduced to Class-A showing.
  •  You want to do it all for as little as possible. (Entry fee is a flat  fee per show. Not including hauling, trainer fees, etc.)   
  • You have ANY breed, any experience horse!

ACTS classes provide a fun and easy way to get your horse Class-A show ring experience, allows Novice riders to gain show ring experience, as well as work toward great year-end awards, such as belt buckles.  
Costs vary depending on whether it’s a fun show ($40), rated show with no stall ($60), or rated show with stall ($120). We also have prices for folks sharing a horse.

ACTS includes 4 shows per year, 3 classes per show in 4 age divisions.

  • All Ages– walk/trot English or walk/jog Western          
  • 13 & under – walk/trot/canter English or walk/jog/lope Western     
  • 14-18 yr - walk/trot/canter English or walk/jog/lope Western                                  
  • Adult- walk/trot/canter English or walk/jog/lope Western

Classes are open to any 1st or 2nd year shower/rider on ANY breed, ANY experience horse. The rider doesn't even have to own the horse!  The horse does not need to be registered!

In order to earn credit towards year end awards the rider must show in 3 of the following 4 Shows.

  • 3rd weekend in May -  UAHC – Utah Valley Arabian Show @ South Jordan Equestrian Center  - Rated show
  • 1st Sat. in Aug- UAHC – Tri-Eq Fun Show @ Sunset Equestrian, Farmington
  • 4th weekend in Sept. -  UAHC – Autumn Classic Show @  South Jordan Equestrian Center – Rated show
  • 3rd Sat in Oct. -  UAHC – October Fun Show - TBA

In each of the following 3 classes:

English Horsemanship Pleasure (Hunt/Saddleseat)
English Equitation (Hunt/Saddleseat)
Western Horsemanship Pleasure
Western Seat Equitation

You can show in both Western and English on the same horse or a different horse.  Separate prizes will be given out in both.
If you are looking for an easy, fun and affordable way to show with the UAHC….THIS IS IT!!!! Don't miss it!!
High Point Winners in every age division and discipline.  We will post points earned at every show.

Everyone who completes 3 of the 4 shows (lowest scoring show will be dropped) will earn a great prize at the end of the year.  Bigger prizes for the High Point Winners.

Questions?  Text Jill @ 801-979-5279 your paragraph here.



       Utah Valley Arabian Value Show - May 20-22 - South Jordan Equestrian Center

Entries due Mon, May 11.

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       Tri-Eq Fun Show - Sat August 7th  @ Sunset Equestrian, Farmington

Show Schedule TBA

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       Autumn Classic Arabian Value Show - Sept 23-25 - South Jordan Equestrian Center

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       Oct Fun Show - Sat Oct ?  @ TBA

Show Schedule TBA
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