Membership  FAQ

When renewing your AHA and club memberships this year, it's best to do it online on

Below are instructions.... as we had several Riders this year that would have won a high point prize, but never joined our club, and thus are ineligible to win.

You need an AHA competition membership to compete at rated shows..... The Deseret, Utah Valley, and Autumn Classic and any regional and national Arabian shows. Make SURE it's a competition card, which costs more.

When you sign up online, it is VERY important you sign up for the correct local Club. If you want to be able to vote and be eligible for high point prizes with OUR club, the UAHC, you need to sign up for local club #7014 -Utah AHC.

The other Utah Arabian club only runs the Deseret rated show. They do have a high point for their show.
The local club memberships do NOT cross over. If you want to be eligible for both Local High Point, you have to join one online with your AHA membership, and then join the other by paper membership for about $50 more a year.

So, if you are showing rated Arabian shows, your membership should be $105 for adults and $70 for kids.
If you are just showing ACTs, you will fill out the paper membership form, and you will be a local club member. $45 adults, $25 kids.  Membership form

USEF memberships- if you are JUST showing our local Arabian shows and are a trainer, or are 17 & under, you do not need a USEF membership.
If you are an Adult Amateur, over 18 on Dec 1, 2017, or if you are showing at the Deseret, regionals or nationals, you need a USEF competing membership.

The UABHA (all breed shows) are a different club have their own membership fee. You can join at the May show. Their membership form will be in the Kathy Dorius Spring show schedule. I believe it's around $15 a year. You must be a member for their year end high points in Feb.  Their website is

To join UAHC by mail click on the printable membership form button below and mail to:

Jennifer Libberton

629 N 400 E

Roosevelt, UT  84066 

Membership info for 2018