Autumn Classic

Utah Valley Spring Show

September 27-29, 2018

SL County Equestrian Center , South Jordan, UT

Thanks everyone for a great Utah Valley Show!! I think I can safely say that this was the BEST SHOW I've been manager of, so far.  😁 😍

The weather was great and our stalls were full!
127 horses total, 98 rated and 29 ACTS riders. Academy classes were down a bit because a lot of the kids are now showing rated!! Congrats to those that moved up this year!

A HUGE THANKS to all of our trainers and exhibitors! 
A few years ago, when we were down to about 50 rated horses at this show, canceling this show for good was a real possibility. There have been several rated Arabian shows this year, in other parts of the country, that have cancelled their shows due to lack of entries and volunteers.....that could have been US, if it weren't for YOUR support.

A big thanks to our Judge, Bob Bennett, and our steward, Sheryl Craig. Bob did an awesome job keeping the classes moving, while also giving every horse/rider it's due. Really great job!
A big thanks to Laurel Bishop, for judging our huge sport horse classes this year! There were 23+ horses competing in the sport horse classes this show and it sounds like most everyone got qualified for Sport Horse Nationals in Nampa this Sept.

Couldn't have done it without our Secretary, Ashley Dorius Marsee and show manager, Jill Marie Fritsche. Ashley is a wonder and has taken a lot off Jill's plate and keeps the office running like a well oiled machine!

Our announcers, Brian Taylor (inside) and Ben Sharer (outside) were absolutely awesome, as was Kat Fishback, our beautiful and funny ring steward.

A big thanks to Pam Olsen, our photographer and her assistant. 
Our ribbon and gate guru, Alex Fishback, and everyone else who helped out really kept the classes moving smoothly. Sydni Ottesen Nusink, Erin Conklin Blackwelder, Jen Sanders and Liz Niponski, especially.

We truly appreciate all who supported our show!!! 
Good luck to all those going to Regionals and Nationals this summer! We have some truly outstanding horses and riders representing Utah!

We will see you at the Triequelon Fun show @ Copper Hills Equestrian Center on Sat, Aug 4th. (ACTS #3), and at our rated 3 day show and region 4 qualifier, the Autumn Classic @ Salt Lake County Equestrian Center, Sept 27-29.

May 17-19, 2018

SL County Equestrian Center , South Jordan, UT