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2018 UAYO Officers

2018 Board Members

About our officers:

President: Ashley East- Ashley rides her horse Sham hunt seat eq and pleasure. She has been riding for almost nine years.

Vice President: Marie Thomas - Marie rides with luki Arabians. She rides in ACTS on Kramer. She has been riding for seven years.

Co-vice President: Sami Hansen- Sami rides her horse Prez in English, park, and costume.

Secretary: Hilary Ward - Hilary just got her horse, Reezon, and will be competing in hunt seat and showmanship. She has been riding for nine years.

President:  Ashley East

Vice President:  Marie Thomas

Co-Vice President:  Sami Hansen

Secretary:  Hilary Ward

We are excited to announce that we have UAYO shirts!

Contact Jenn Harn to order. or 801-699-7915

Cost:  $15

Nonie Newton

Jordyn Libberton

Jazzy Allred

Gretel DeMartin

Emma Edwards