Jenn Harn – Youth Director  801-699-7915

About our officers:

President: Ashley East- Ashley rides her horse Sham hunt seat eq and pleasure. She has been riding for almost nine years.

Vice President: Marie Thomas - Marie rides with luki Arabians. She rides in ACTS on Kramer. She has been riding for seven years.

Co-vice President: Sami Hansen- Sami rides her horse Prez in English, park, and costume.

Secretary: Hilary Ward - Hilary just got her horse, Reezon, and will be competing in hunt seat and showmanship. She has been riding for nine years.

Nonie Newton

Jordyn Libberton

Jazzy Allred

Gretel DeMartin

Emma Edwards

2018 UAYO Officers

We are excited to announce that our UAYO shirts have arrived!
If you would like to get your own we will be selling them at the Sport Horse Clinic Saturday, March 10, and at the Cookie Classic fun show on March 17.

Or contact Jenn Harn to order. or 801-699-7915

Cost:  $15

President:  Ashley East

Vice President:  Marie Thomas

Co-Vice President:  Sami Hansen

Secretary:  Hilary Ward

2018 Board Members